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BibliaMundi is a multilingual off-line Bible-reading application. That means that once you have loaded Bibles into it, you can read them anywhere without needing an internet connection.

It was written because I noticed that nearly all bible-reading applications needed an internet connection, and as well as that the presentation was atrocious. BibliaMundi is capable of presenting the text of the Bible using all the information provided by the Bible that is loaded. You get poetry laid out as poetry, paragraphs of text as paragraphs, and even pop-up footnotes when provided.

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Text search. (Android) Formatted text in Mokole. (Android) Psalms formatted as poetry. (Android, dark theme) Choose the language to select a Bible. (Windows) In some Bibles footnotes explain the text. (Windows)

Interface languages available:

If you can translate from English or French to your own language, contact me and I can add your translation.

Bible translations available:

(Other translations will be added as times permits. If you want to suggest a language, contact me and I’ll see if a Bible can be provided.)

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