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BibliaMundi — manual

When you first run BibliaMundi you will see the screen for adding a Bible. The reason is that you need to load a Bible onto your device before the application is of any use. Click on the language for which you want a Bible and then on the version of the Bible in that language that you wish to use. Then click on the button ‘Import’. The Bible will be loaded and displayed. You are now ready to use the application fully.

Menu bar

The application is controlled by the menu bar at the top of the screen. In it you will find:

On the left the current version of the Bible is shown by its abbreviation. At any time you can click on this to come back to the table of contents of the Bible.

After the Bible, and if you are in a book of the Bible, the abbreviation for the book is shown. You can click on this to come back to the list of chapters in the book.

After the book, and if you are in a chapter, the number of the chapter is shown. You can click on this to come back to the beginning of the chapter.

When you click on the icon showing three books, a list of the different versions of the Bible that have been loaded onto your device is shown. You can click on a version to display the current text in that version (assuming that it exists in that version). You need to use the ‘Add a Bible’ option to add other versions to the list.

Click on the three dots at the top right of the screen to open the menu...

Dropdown menu

This Bible — opens a window showing the details of the current Bible.

Add a Bible — opens the window which allows you to import a version of the Bible onto your device. You need to do this for each version of the Bible that you want to be able to read in the application.

Delete a Bible — opens a window allowing you to delete a version of the Bible from your device. The Bible will no longer be available for reading, but you can always add it with the ‘Add a Bible’ option if you change your mind.

Settings — pressing this button takes you to the settings screen where you can:

About — this button displays details about the application and how to contact its author.