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BibliaMundi — Bible navigation

The Bible contains a lot of text and it can be fairly difficuilt to find your way around. BibliaMundi provides several different methods for finding the text you are looking for.

Versions of the Bible

First of all, the Bible exists in many different versions. These can be translations into different languages or different translations into the same language. At the top right of the screen you wil see the following icon:

By clicking on this icon you can choose which Bible version you wish to use.

The list of versions available will depend on those that you have downloaded. You can download others with the ‘Add a Bible’ option.

Finding a chapter

Bible text is always displayed by chapter. There are several ways to find a chapter:

The navigation pull-out with books displayed looks like this:

At the top, with a coloured background, there is a button for each section of the Bible. In most cases this will be Old and New Testaments, but some bible versions are divided differently.

The button with a grey background indicates the section of the Bible for which the list of books is currently shown. The button with underlined text indicates the section from which comes the text in shown in the application’s main window.

You can change the list of books by clicking on a section button.

You can also select a book by clicking on the appropriate button.

The navigation pull-out with chapters displayed looks like this:

If a chapter number is underlined, it indicates the chapter currently displayed in the main window.

You can click on one of the section buttons to display the books of that section, otherwise click on a chapter button to display that chapter in the main window.

Searching for text

If you want to search for specific text in the Bible you can use the text search function. To do so, click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the navigation pane.

Here you can enter text to search for. If you enter several words only verses that contain all of the words in any order will be shown in the results. You can also place several words inside double quote symbols (") to indicate that the words must be together in the order given. When you press enter the verses found will be presented in Bible order.

Ten results will be shown by page. You can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page to move through the results. Only a maximum of fifty results (five pages) will ever be shown. If you don’t find the verse you are looking for, try adding terms to limit the number of results.

You will also notice that the ends of words are not taken into account in the search (“love” and “loved” are both matched). This functionnality works in some languages but not others. Also some common words (like “a” or “the”) are never taken into account in searches.

Navigating in a chapter

When a chapter is displayed you can click on its number in the bar at the top of the screen to go back to the start of the chapter.

The two arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to move to the previous and next chapters in the Bible.

In some versions of the Bible there are footnotes. The presence of a footnote is indicated by a speech bubble icon. If you click on it, the text of the footnote will be displayed. Click outside the footnote text to close it.