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BibliaMundi — text search

If you want to search for specific text in the Bible you can use the text search function. To do so, click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the navigation pane.

Here you can enter text to search for. If you enter several words only verses that contain all of the words in any order will be shown in the results. You can also place several words inside double quote symbols (") to indicate that the words must be together in the order given. When you press enter the verses found will be presented in Bible order.

Ten results will be shown by page. You can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page to move through the results. Only a maximum of fifty results (five pages) will ever be shown. If you don’t find the verse you are looking for, try adding terms to limit the number of results.

You will also notice that the ends of words are not taken into account in the search (“love” and “loved” are both matched). This functionnality works in some languages but not others. Also some common words (like “a” or “the”) are never taken into account in searches.

Searching in Greek

Because most people who use the ancient Greek version of the Bible will not have a greek keyboard available, it is possible to use beta code to enter the text to search for. This is a method of transliterating Greek letters into latin ones. Since accents are not used in the search there is no need to enter them. The following table gives the equivalence between Greek and beta code characters.

α, Αa
β, Βb
γ, Γg
δ, Δd
ε, Εe
ζ, Ζz
η, Ηh
θ, Θq
ι, Ιi
κ, Κk
λ, Λl
μ, Μm
ν, Νn
ξ, Ξc
ο, Οo
π, Πp
ρ, Ρr
σ, ς, ϲ, Σ, Ϲs
τ, Τt
υ, Υu
φ, Φf
χ, Χx
ψ, Ψy
ω, Ωw

For example, to search for the word ‘ἀγάπη’ you can type it in Greek or you can entre ‘agaph’.

Searching in Hebrew

For the same reason as ancient Greek, beta code may be used for searching in the ancient Hebrew text. The following table gives the equivalence between Hebrew and beta code characters.

כ ךk
מ םm
נ ןn
פ ףp
צ ץc

For example, to search for the word ‘יריחו’ you can type it in Hebrew or you can entre ‘yryxw’.