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RandoCartes is a map application for walking and hiking. It allows you to display maps which can be stored offline as well as displaying GPX files of walks you wish to follow and creating GPX files of walks as you follow them.

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A Hiking/MRI map (Android). Recording your walk (OpenStreetMap map). (Android) Recorded walk (OpenTopoMap map). (Android) Point of interest (OpenStreetMap). (Windows) Screen for management and display of trails. (Android)

Map sources available:

You can also add other map sources that follow the WMTS standard.

Note: IGN maps were previously available with only the installation of an IGN-supplied key. This is unfortunately no longer possible as the IGN do not understand the concept of a free application and have forced us to remove this functionality.

Interface languages available:

If you can translate from English or French to your own language, contact me and I can add your translation.

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