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RandoCartes — managing trails

The page for managing trails is displayed when you click on the Trails option in the main menu when the map is displayed.

It will look something like this:

Inside the frame is the list of trails that are available to the application. The first time you open the page it will be empty.

The little boxes next to the trail names indicate if a trail is currently displayed on the map. When the box is white the trail is not displayed, when the box contains a colour that is the colour used to display the trail on the map.

At the bottom of the page is the button Import trail. You can use this to import a trail (GPX file) that will then show up inside the frame.

Import trail

When you press the Import trail button you will be presented with a list of files available for import. This list will differ according to your device, but you can navigate around your device until you find a GPX file to import. For example, if you have downloaded a GPX file from the web in a browser you can navigate to the downloaded files directory and select the file. The file name must end in .gpx to be accepted.

Once selected, the file will be imported into the application and you will see it in the list within the frame on the trails page.

Menu for a trail

To do other actions on a trail, you must display the trail menu. How you do this will depend on your device. With a touch screen you touch the trail with your finger and keep it there until the menu appears. With a mouse, you click on the right button while the cursor is over the trail.

The way the menu appears will also depend on your device:

On Android the menu is at the top of the screen, with options that don’t fit across the top, selectable in the drop-down menu. On Windows the menu will be displayed just above the selected trail.

The following options are available in the menu:


This option is only available when a trail is displayed on the map (the little box next to the name of the trail contains a colour). Selecting this option removes the trail from the map and sets the box back to white.


This option takes you back to the map with the trail displayed. The starting position of the trail will be in the centre of the map, but the zoom level of map will not be changed. You can use this option even when the trail is already displayed to take you back to the start position of the trail. The colour of the trail is determined automatically and will be displayed in the little box next to the trail name the next time you open the list of trails.


This option displays a page showing various details of the trail — timing, distance, speed and altitudes.

See details


This option allows you to rename a trail. The trail name will become editable and you can modify the name before clicking on Entry or clicking outside the edit box to save the new name.


Select this option to remove the trail from the application. This action cannot be undone, but you will be asked to confirm your choice before deletion.


This option allows you to save a trail as a GPX file outside of the application. You will be presented with a screen allowing you to select where to save the file and what name to give it. The file will then be available for other applications that can read GPX files.