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RandoCartes — general settings

The page for managing application settings is displayed when you click on the General settings option in the main menu when the map is displayed.

It will look something like this:

The different settings that you can change are explained below.

Colour theme

This setting is used to define the appearance of the application.

Three values are possible:

Interface language

This setting indicates the language that will be used by the application.

The option “Default system language” sets the language to that of your device, if possible, otherwise English is used.

Smooth altitude values

On devices that do not have an altimeter, values of altitude will be calculated by the GPS system and will not always be exact, often jumping around wildly. If you enable this option the application will seek to smooth the altitude values to give a more stable value.

External memory (Android only)

The option “store data on external memory” is only available under Android. If you select this option, application data will be stored on external memory instead of the device’s internal memory.