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RandoCartes — location tracking

You can create your own trail files by recording your walks as you move. To do this, select Start tracking in the main menu. If it is greyed, it means that either your GPS system is not on, or that it has not yet found your position.

You will be asked to confirm your action:

If you reply no, no further action will be taken. If you reply yes, all your movements will be saved and displayed as a yellow line on the map:

At the end of the walk, select Stop tracking in the menu. You will first be asked to confirm your action:

If you select continue tracking the application will continue recording your position as before. If you reply finish you will be asked to indicate the name under which you wish to save the trail:

You can select abandon and the trail will be lost, otherwise modify the proposed name if you wish and then select save. The trail will be removed from the map, but you can find it again under the Trails menu.